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Choreography Stéphen Delattre

Delattre Dance Company

In the choreography for disTANZ, the Delattre Dance Company addresses the situation and consequences of keeping our distance in our society.
Together, dancers and choreographers search for clues: how does prolonged distance and isolation affect us as individuals and us as a truly manageable and therefore close group? Which fears are aroused, which dreams and desires are faced, which hopes are dashed, which are fulfilled?
This dynamic and physically and psychologically intense production in neoclassical and contemporary dance style is a special experience; exciting and surprising, an evening that forcefully stages dance in its pure essence.
In this dance adventure, the Delattre Dance Company reveals to us in its well-known, emotional, moving language of movement and imagery what we all suspect, fear or hope for: that - despite the distance - we are less alone together.

Artistic Director Stéphen Delattre

Executive Director Martin Opelt

Choreography Stéphen Delattre

Ballet Master and Choreographic Assistant Angel Blanco

Costume concept and Light Design Stéphen Delattre

Costume Designer of first duo Jula Reindell

Music arrangement Davidson Jaconello

Video Adrian Zaiser

202150 min
Dance Streaming Season

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