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“The relationship between the actor and the audience is the only theatre reality”

Peter Brook



What is OnTheatre?

OnTheatre is the first on-demand streaming platform entirely dedicated to theater. It was conceived and created in March 2020 by two Italian performing artists, thanks to the fundamental support in the development of the Swiss digital provider Assolo Networks. OnTheatre is available to prose theaters, lyric-symphonic bodies, musical and dance companies, but also ensembles, single actors, performers, musicians or singers, as well as companies that offer shows aimed at children and schools. The shows can be purchased with a single ticket or, if applicable, in packages, through the OnTheatre e-commerce. It is also possible to put tickets on sale through their automated ticketing machines or external approved ticket offices.


Our mission

OnTheatre was born with the intention of creating a place dedicated exclusively to the art of live entertainment. We want to distinguish ourselves from generalist platforms by focusing our offer solely on theatrical, prose, musical, dance and classical music content from theaters around the world, with the aim of uniting and expanding the public and promoting the exchange and dissemination of ideas and contents.

OnTheatre does not aim to replace live entertainment, but rather encourage its evolution and creativity also through the use of digital, which we consider a useful and reinforcing tool of this irreplaceable artistic language.


What does the OnTheatre service offer?

- Management of Copyright;
- Broadcasting of your own shows in Live Streaming in the highest quality;
- Broadcasting of your own recorded shows for the desired period of time;
- Broadcasting of your shows shows in safe and controlled ways;
- Subtitles in multiple languages, extra content, downloadable accompanying material;
- Give users the ability to comment on videos;
- Create show packages for related content, which can be sold together or individually;
- Make your content available in 5 languages;
- Provide single-use codes to your subscribers or users to watch the content for free;
- Create customized fruition methods for schools or other entities;
- Full management of technical aspects and multilingual customer service 24/7;
- Possibility of tailor-made solutions for specific needs;


How much does it cost to use OnTheatre?

Nothing. We have chosen not to ask for any fixed cost for the publication and management of content on demand on OnTheatre. The producer body will provide the contents to OnTheatre which will upload them to the platform and distribute them at the agreed price, withholding a variable percentage up to a maximum of 30% on each ticket purchased or each code.

The service is paid only for the shows that you want to offer to the public for free (free previews are excluded).

How can I contact you?

Easy! Write to


We will reply immediately or arrange a telephone interview to meet all your needs.