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“The relationship between the actor and the audience is the only theatre reality”

Peter Brook



What is OnTheatre?

OnTheatre is a media-services provider which offers theatre performances on-demand. OnTheatre is ideal for drama, musical, ballet and opera companies, as well as ensembles, independent actors and performers, singers and musicians. OnTheatre services can also be used by companies who produce performances for children and schools. Contents can be purchased on the platform with a single ticket or a subscription. With OnTicketRefund, ticket holders of cancelled shows will be issued a code which will grant them access to view a number of upcoming shows produced by the theatre of their original booking.


Our mission

Streaming of theatre performances is now provided free of charge by many theatres and artists i.e. via social media or external services, mostly for promotional or educational purposes. Nevertheless, we are now facing a long period of cancellation of all types of shows and performances. Even the most optimistic predictions indicate that the recovery of the entertainment industry will be quite slow. On the one hand, audiences are likely to be nervous at the prospect of returning to crowded public places such as theatre; on the other, the world of theatre and performance will naturally have less financial resources available as a result of the economic crises we are facing. It is vital that we look at the future of live performances and adapt new ways to ensure its continuity. OnTheatre also offers a successful solution in terms of refunds for shows that have been cancelled or deferred during the COVID-19 emergency.


How much will cost me to upload my contents OnTheatre?

Nothing. OnTheatre does not constitute an economical risk for theatres, artists or producers. In fact, many already produce their own high quality recordings for their shows, and for those that don’t, OnTheatre offers the necessary technical support both for live and recorded video streaming. The theatre or producer will provide their contents to OnTheatre, who will in turn release them for an agreed price. OnTheatre will retain a small percentage on every ticket sold and every OnTicketRefund code released. OnTheatre may offer promotional services in terms of recordings that are already available in archive or scheduled to be recorded with or without audience in the future.


How can OnTheatre help me with the ticket refund?

OnTheatre will provide you with a code that you can offer to audiences instead of a ticket refund. This will help to reduce the amount of refunded tickets and is also a bonus for people who had already decided not to attend. The audience can use the code or donate it; this will unlock a number of performances or future performances that have been uploaded or scheduled on the platform. OnTicketRefund will become a new way to build customer loyalty at your company.


Will OnTheatre replace live shows?

We don’t believe that there is anything that can possibly replace the magic of a live show. Anyone who has ever been to the opera, ballet, concert, knows that it is a singular and unique experience. Quite simply, we can never replace the stage. OnTheatre offers a solution to soften the blow of this difficult situation for those of us in this incredible profession. It seeks to enhance the quality of material that has already been produced and to create the opportunity to broadcast new productions; and maybe in the future to enlarge the audience of the live show industry.

Please Contact us and make OnTheatre a valuable resource for you and your business.


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