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A film by Davide Romeo and Gabriele Colafranceschi

Uscite di Emergenza Contemporary Dance Company, The Way Out, U.d.E. Formazione Continua

Hell of the living is not something that will be; if there is one, it is the one that is already here, the hell we live in every day, which we form by being together. There are two ways to avoid suffering for it. The
the first is easy for many: accepting hell and becoming part of it to the point of no longer seeing it. The second is risky and requires constant attention and learning: seeking and knowing how to recognize
who and what, in the midst of hell, is not hell, and make it last, and give it space.


I. Calvino, Le città invisibili


Talking about invisible is almost always a leap into the void. We found 11 places inside the Roman suburbs and we tried to talk about invisible by making it dance. Eleven invisible stories in eleven places where beauty is visible. The eyes are the testimony, the story is a journey into subjectivity. Nothing that appears is real except beauty, nothing that has been is still there, if not trails of movement in the city we have inhabited. We like to think of a Valdrada who has in herself the double of her without really loving each other but always looking at herself. And we loved every single place we danced, every single story we told, every single time that accompanied us. Because Valdrada is like that. They are eleven beauties looked at, eleven stories told, eleven unrequited loves.

By Davide Romeo, Gabriele Colafranceschi

With Uscite di Emergenza Contemporary Dance Company, The Way Out, U.d.E. Formazione Continua

Performers Giorgia Agata Bafera, Yana Delibashev, Rosa Fontana, Sara Gullì, Giada Manno, Alessia Marra, Virginia Matta, Riccardo Milani, Valeria Pelino, Claudia Pera, Davide Romeo, Matteo Vairo


Production A.S.D. Corpi Mobili

Production assistants Gabriele Planamente, Arianna Rinaldi

202260 min
Disponible a partir del 11 de abril a las 21 h

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