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Chamer music evening #1

Mozart and Schubert are the protagonists of this evening, where soloists of the highest level come together for an exciting program. Mozart's fresh and brilliant Quartet for  Flute and Strings is followed by Schubert's equally joyous "Pastor on the Rock," surprisingly serene and light-hearted considering the untimely death of the great Viennese composer. The concert ends with the sublime Quintet for Strings, where  Schubert uses the setting with two cellos dear to Boccherini (not used, for example, by Mozart or Beethoven).

W. A. Mozart Quartetto per flauto, violino, viola, violoncello K. 285


Silvia Careddu Flauto

Alberto Bologni Violino

Francesco Fiore Viola

Ludovica Rana Violoncello



F. Schubert Il pastore sulla roccia D. 965


Betty Makharinsky Soprano

Gaia Gaibazzi Clarinetto

Gianluca Marcianò Pianoforte



F. Schubert Quintetto per archi D. 956


Alberto Bologni, Federica Severini Violini

Francesco Fiore Viola

Erica Piccotti, Ludovica Rana Violoncelli



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202090 min
Available from 9 pm 08/06 to 9 pm del 08/08 CEST
Lerici Music Festival

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