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Scherzi d'Amore

Invitation to listen



R. Benatzky

Al cavallino è l'hotel più bel from Al Cavallino Bianco

L. Bard

Frou Frou del Tabarin from La duchessa del Bal Tabarin


C. Lombardo, V. Ranzato

Oh Cin Ci Là from Cin Ci Là

C. Lombardo

Spesso a cuori e picche from Madama di Tebe

F. Lehár

Canzone della Vilja from La Vedova Allegra

F. Lehár

Vo’ da Maxim from La Vedova Allegra

F. Lehár

Tace il labbro from La Vedova Allegra

M. Costa

Salomé, una rondine non fa primavera from Scugnizza

E. De Curtis

Non ti scordar di me

Popular wisdom - in its proverbs, mottos or aphorisms - always reserves surprises, real gems of a knowledge that has its roots in daily action, in everyday practical life.
For example, there is a proverb that seems to be made especially for the program we are about to listen to: throw out the bathwater with the baby inside!
This famous aphorism is in practice an invitation to always maintain a critical spirit in our behaviors, to observe better, to maintain an attitude of research, exploration, knowledge in order to always distinguish what is valuable from what is. devoid.
The 'immense' world in terms of titles, authors and productions of the operetta, in great vogue throughout Europe until 1960, today seems simplistically confused with "dirty" water.
In reality, the anthology composed here with great taste and foresight, highlights a truly valuable series of pearls that are still capable of leaving a deep mark on our inner feelings.
Their value is not simply historical, but still full of positive sentimental and pure musical suggestions in the skilful profiles of the melodies, in the captivating sounds, in the conduct of the rhythms, in the shrewd relationship with the word.
A pleasant invitation to search, at the end of listening, for the complete version of each small painting referred to here.


Martina Bortolotti von Haderburg soprano
Simone Marchesini baritone

Ensemble strumentale Ad Maiora
Priyanka Ravanelli first violin
Anna Pecora second violin
Davide Bravo viola
Chiara Borgogno cello
Enrico Toccoli piano

Cesare Depaulis music adaptation

Alessandro Arnoldo conductor



202160 min
Società Filarmonica Trento

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