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Pinocchio on the road

Part four#

Con.Cor.D.A./Movimentoinactor Teatrodanza

Part four#


Scene list


Cat and Fox convince Pinocchio to plant the coins in the Field of Miracles
Pinocchio no longer finds the coins
Pinocchio is taken to prison by the Carabinieri
New Theater-Pisa


Pinocchio desperate because he does not find the Fairy
The moved fairy appears and sends Pinocchio to school
Corte Sanac-Pisa terrace


Pinocchio goes to school happy
Bridge over the Incile canal. Adjacent to the Pertini-Pisa Kindergarten


Pinocchio meets Lucignolo and decides to go to the Land of Toys
SkatePark-Porta a mare-Pisa

Concept, direction and choreography Flavia Bucciero

Original music Antonio Ferdinando di Stefano

Final rap and singing Davide Sereni

Vocal contributions Chiara Pastorino


Dancers performers

Leila Ghiabbi Pinocchio

Elisa Paini Fairy, Carabiniere, Puppet

Laura Feresin, Pauline Manfredi Gatto, Puppets

Fausto Paparozzi Fox, Carabiniere, Puppet


Shooting at the Teatro Nuovo in Pisa Simone Tognarelli

Virtual video images Valerio Ciminelli

Lights Riccardo Tonelli


Shooting and editing in 3D Andrea Lippi


Production Con.Cor.D.A./Movimentoinactor Teatrodanza

Dance, Kids

Pinocchio on the road

Con.Cor.D.A. Movimentoinactor Teatrodanza

5 parts
VIDEO 360°60 min
Dance, Kids

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