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Scenic score for dead bodies

Federico Gagliardi

Project selected for CROSS Residence 2019 and SCENARIO PRIZE 2019 selection. The direction of Federico Gagliardi, who for the first time eliminates the word from his works, investigates the agony and pain of loss through two bodies.

Edoardo Sansonne's unpublished music is born in this close dialogue between known and unknown. What is more painful than losing your loved one? Our whole emotional universe is crumbling. The memory of her skin remains, the perfume, the voice.

There remains the excruciating emptiness that slowly tears us apart: we die of pain. After a loss, we find ourselves living an interrupted existence, obsessed with recalling the crystallized memory of moments, which we would like to be eternal.

They are moments destined to go out if not fueled by hope, the only light in the darkness of abandonment. Staged between darkness and light in a physical performance, two lovers duel with their souls in a dance set to music by the inexorable fate that makes fun of them.

Choreography and Direction Federico Gagliardi

With Elisa Sbaragli e Yannick Lomboto

Original music Edoardo Sansonne (Kawabate)

Assistant director Maria Giulia Scarcella

Production Centro Operativo Artistico Scigul

201920 min
Dance, Theatre

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