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Luciano Cannito

Art Village, Viktory Media, Magic Island Entertainment

Dance tells about beauty and manages to excite with the art of the body.
Cinema manages to reach the soul with the power of images.
Stories and images of the world, stories and images where live entertainment and cinema intersect, putting each other at the service of the other.

NOMENSLAND. For the first time the theme of violence against women treated in unfiltered dance, dynamic, overwhelming, cinematically immersed in a reinvented Thirties world, with spectacular music by Johnny Klimek and Tom Tykwer (made famous by the TV series Babylon Berlin). A story of 18 girls victims of empty and violent men, unable to express their aesthetic, cultural, sexual, social identity, they manage to free themselves through a dance without drama, joyful, powerful, engaging, sensual, winning. Forced to a dance fight with men, symbol of the short circuit of violence in life, in this challenge that would seem lost from the start, as the world has led us to believe for centuries, the exact opposite happens.
NOMENSLAND is a play on words reminiscent of a famous film about a middle-earth, a no-man's land, here finally reconquered by women, strong, courageous, generous, infinite custodians of life itself.

Screenplay, Choreography and Direction Luciano Cannito

Director of photography Marko Carbone

202125 min

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