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Choreography Gianluca Schiavoni

Estonian National Ballet

When an injured woman is in her bed, no heart is bloodier than hers



Medea, sensual queen, is the keeper of the Golden Fleece, a symbol of power and prosperity. Jason, with his fellow Argonauts, embarks on a long journey from Greece to get hold of it.
Jason, arrived in the palace of Medea after having won fights and spells, conquers the Golden Fleece and the heart of the charming queen. Medea, mad with love for him, decides to marry him. From their marriage two children are born, a boy and a girl.
Medea will leave her country to follow Jason, but she will be betrayed and rejected by him. Charged with anger, she plots a terrible revenge ...

Ballet in 2 acts freely inspired by Euripides' tragedy


Music I. Stravinsky, A. Schnittke, Dead can dance

Choreography Gianluca Schiavoni

Dramaturgy Marco Gandini, Gianluca Schiavoni

Conductor Vello Pahn

Scenes Maria Rossi Franchi, Andrea Tocchio

Costumes Simona Morresi

Choreographer's Assistant Laura Caccialanza

202160 min
Dance Streaming Season

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