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Marie Antoinette

Choreography Alberto Canestro

Lyric Dance Company

An intimate vision, almost a fascination, like a light trail of perfume. Marie Antoinette tells about herself and relives the crucial passages of her existence. Ethereal and dreamy animated paintings light up and give life to the ghosts of her own mind.
A story with contours veiled by memory, traced back to essentiality and purity, which speaks to us of emotions, emotion and disturbances, to which the splendor of the Versailles court is the frame and counterbalance.
The shadow of a bulky and insensitive mother who manifests itself in long letters full of orders and reproaches, the transgression of escapes from the court, masked parties in which she allows herself moments of playful ambiguity, which lead her to meet the beloved count of Fersen with whom he experiences moments of intense passion.
But her fate continues her course inexorably, along with her Revolution: in a moment there are only enemies around her.
She is alone in front of France, towards which she bows in a tragic and suffering gesture.
Marie Antoinette enters the myth and her elegant and sumptuous image of her is consigned to history.

Artistic direction Alberto Canestro

Choreography Alberto Canestro

Music Enrico Fabio Cortese

Costumes Alberto Canestro, Alessia Menoni, Barbara Loli

Light design Teo Paoli


Voice Francesca Ballerini

202175 min
Dance Streaming Season

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