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Gomalan Brass Quintet

Brass quintet



 G. Verdi

Sinfonia from Nabucco


J.S. Bach

Fuga IX from l’Arte della Fuga


E. Morricone

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso


G. Verdi

Marcia Trionfale from Aida


L. Bernstein

West Side Story suite


F. Buscaglione

Guarda che Luna


M. Ottolini

Buster Keaton Blues


F. Buscaglione

F. Bongusto , Ciao Fred!


L. Pollack

That’s a plenty!

Gomalan Brass Quintet 

Marco Pierobon trumpet

Marco Braito trumpet

Nilo Caracristi horn

Gianluca Scipioni trombone

Stefano Ammannati tuba

Listening to a concert by Gomalan Brass - one of the most famous brass quintets active today in the international concert world, half made up of musicians from Trentino - means immersing yourself in the most dynamic, wild and captivating music of all time.

A rigorous and meticulous personal study, the attendance, from very young, of teachers, schools and cultures as refined as they are different, an internship covered within the most demanding professional orchestral groups, have allowed Marco Braito (trumpet), Marco Pierobon (trumpet), Nilo Caracristi (horn), Gianluca Scipioni (trombone) and Stefano Ammannati (tuba) a rare synthesis of skill, sensitivity and communication skills that is also reflected in the repertoires addressed.

The concerts of the Gomalan Brass, in fact, are difficult to define, leaving room for every style (classical, jazz, folk, pop, theatrical). A 'mobility' of genres also made manifest by an equally animated stage presence, never still and enthralling, in lively dialogue with the public, capable of reviving - through skilful original transcriptions - pages deemed abused or worn.

With the instruments of Gomalan everything comes back to life: not only scores listened to and listened to a thousand times, but our whole body, quickly crossed by emotions, wonders, surprises, suggestions capable of filling us a day by igniting our curiosity towards a music that always reveals itself more alive!


All Stars

Società Filarmonica Trento

7 concerts
202160 min
Società Filarmonica Trento

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