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Choreography Alberto Canestro

Lyric Dance Company

Frida Kahlo is undoubtedly one of the central and most significant figures of Mexican art and represents a point of reference, a model of strength, independence and style: these are the characteristics that inspired my homage to this iconic woman, always true to herself and with a strong and courageous personality. (Alberto Canestro)


The dance portrait conceived by the choreographer wants to evoke the complexity of the soul of Frida Kahlo, which has its roots in the Mexican popular tradition, in the nature of a creative and visionary artist and in the dramatic sufferings suffered in her life.

The inner chaos, the existential travail, the passion and the joy of living, are expressed through a neoclassical language capable of transcending every era and frontier.

The strong-colored story of this artist, who has become a style icon while always remaining faithful to herself, in her life as in her art, becomes an emotional, poetic and sensorial journey of great aesthetic impact.

The costumes revisit in a contemporary key the Mexican culture so dear to Frida, with their bright colors, volumes, geometries, precious embroideries, elements always present in her works.

The show is a tribute to the woman with her many facets, to the artist of visionary and tenacious strength, to the ethereal and fragile character, furrowed by deep scars.

A woman, Frida, who has always claimed her uniqueness, free from any mask and label, authentic and original, capable of becoming an example of strength and emancipation for all women.

Artistic Direction Alberto Canestro

Choreography Alberto Canestro

Music Enrico Fabio Cortese

Scenes Andrea Sole Costa

Costumes Alberto Canestro, Barbara Loli

Light design Teo Paoli

202160 min
Dance Streaming Season

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