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Omaggio a Franca Rame

Roberta C. Laguardia

Show suitable for an adult audience

Franca. Omaggio a Franca Rame is a theatrical show about Franca Rame by the Lucanian actress Roberta La Guardia officially authorized by the Fo family.
Franca's concept is to universally retrace the history of every woman through the theatrical and human heritage of Franca Rame and Dario Fo.
The interpretation of Roberta La Guardia wants to orient itself positively towards the claim of the political subjectivity of women and the affirmation-information about gender equality.

The show also contains the monologue Abbiamo tutte la stessa storia, which deals with the female condition in a satirical and entertaining way, as is often typical in the style of the Rame / Fo author duo. A monologue that extends from the particular to the universal, talking to us about the abuse, psychological and physical, unconscious and often unconscious, suffered by women.


The English critic Julien Bond writes of her: "Roberta La Guardia pays homage to Franca Rame in a respectful, polite but at the same time strong and provocative re-enactment, in a key faithful to the original. The interpretative key of Roberta La Guardia gives new life blood to the theater of Franca Rame and her characters with an excellent interpretation of transmission and representation of the work of the great actress. "

By Franca Rame e Dario Fo


With Roberta C. Laguardia 


Staging Roberta C. Laguardia


202130 min
Available until January 31, 2022

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