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Trittico - Act II

E.sperimenti Dance Company by gruppodanzaoggi

This factory, closed in 1992, was born at the beginning of the last century as a railway workshop and was transformed into a fighter aircraft and ammunition factory during the Second World War. It was the site of the massacre of the Reggiane in 1943 when General Badoglio prohibited gatherings of more than 3 people, here a group of nine workers asked for an end to the war and was brutally killed... Today this complex is also a place of rebirth and reconstruction, which is why we have chosen it: to REBUILD what has been destroyed of Art in Italy. The semi-destroyed workshops of yesterday are the abandoned theaters of today, but new realities are being born around here and so it will also be for our cultural life, our essence as artists: we are reborn from here.

Concept and Choreography Federica Galimberti

With Stefano Bezzi, Federica Galimberti, Giorgia Lolli, Alessandro Pustizzi, Daniele Toti


Video Stefano Bezzi, Alessandro Pustizzi


Video and Music Editing Daniele Toti


Production gruppodanzaoggi


Trittico E.sperimenti Dance Company

by gruppodanzaoggi

20207 min
Box set, Dance
Available from 31/12 3 pm

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