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Fondazione Teatro Coccia

Alienati turns one year old! Celebrate with us

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Alienati deals with a group of characters who are required, due to an alien invasion, to stay home, but this warning inevitably generates unexpected reactions from everyone. The focus is a psychologist (interpreted by Alfonso Antoniozzi) who holds the reins of the life of a nutritionist (Daniela Barcellona), stressed and betrayed by her husband; a gentleman thief (Nicola Ulivieri), in crisis due to lack of work, and in search of evasion (in every sense); a beautiful single woman (Jessica Pratt) constantly in search of a soul mate to share prolonged aperitifs. These characters lives are intertwined with a single mother (Davinia Rodriguez), and her hobby of destroying other families whilst keeping her angelic and pure little daughter (Sofia Frizza); a musician (Luciano Ganci), singer, followed online by a huge group of students, and his wife (Giorgia Serracchiani) reduced to organizing flashmob events and songs in the condominium; a chef (Roberto De Candia), self-styled culinary expert, but who actually feeds on pre-packed and junk food.

Music Federico Biscione, Alberto Cara, Cristian Carrara, Federico Gon, Marco Taralli
Subject Stefano Valanzuolo
Poem Vincenzo De Vivo


Director Roberto Recchia
Costumes Giuseppe Palella
Audio Federico Pelle
Director's assistant Enrico Omodeo Salè
Subtitles Matteo Minetti


Piano Marino Nicolini


Lo psicologo Alfonso Antoniozzi

La nutrizionista Daniela Barcellona
Lo chef Roberto De Candia
Il musicista Luciano Ganci
La single Jessica Pratt
La rovinafamiglie Davinia Rodriguez
Il ladro gentiluomo Nicola Ulivieri
La moglie del musicista Giorgia Serracchiani
La figlia della rovinafamiglie Sofia Frizza


Production Fondazione Teatro Coccia


Subtitles ITA/ENG/SPA and full screen available in the lower right corner of the player.

ATTENTION: Alienati is an interactive video and cannot be played by Smart TV. Please use Pc, Tablet or Smartphone


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You will find the video in the MY SHOWS area for 28 days from the purchase and you can watch it for 48 hours from the first play.