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Trittico - Act I

E.sperimenti Dance Company by gruppodanzaoggi

This work was born during the first very hard lockdown of March 2020. The characters represent each of us at that moment: for example in the "Monologue of the vagina" it is the woman who has to deal with herself, with her own femininity. Or the man who shouts for help in oriental language is the part of us that runs from the window to the door and that reminds us of the videos of the inhabitants of Whuan shouting from the windows. Or the girl who runs screaming towards a distant gate, reminds of the escape from our feelings of guilt...but escape to where?

Concept and Choreography Federica Galimberti


With Stefano Bezzi, Monica Castorina, Mattia De Virgilis, Francesco Di Luzio, Andrea Ferrarini, Toni Flego, Federica Galimberti, Giorgia Lolli, Mattia Maiotti, Silvia Pinna, Alessandro Pustizzi, Laura Ragni, Giulia Santini, Daniele Toti, Magdalena Agata Wojcik


Video E.sperimenti Dance Company

Editing Video and Music Franco Cappelloni


Production gruppodanzaoggi


Trittico E.sperimenti Dance Company

by gruppodanzaoggi

202016 min
Box set, Dance
Available from 31/12 3 pm

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