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Pinocchio on the road

Con.Cor.D.A. Movimentoinactor Teatrodanza


Verwenden Sie die Maus (vom PC) oder Ihren Finger (vom Smartphone und Tablet), um sich im 360 ° -Video zu orientieren


Pinocchio on the road, descends from a production for the "Pinocchio Game" Theater of the Con.Cor.DA / Movimentoinactor Company, but is completely rethought in the form of Site specific and entirely redesigned for a virtual and interactive use through the computer, the smartphone , the tablet.

The video shootings were carried out in the city of Pisa and its territory at 360 °, which will allow the viewer a fun and exciting visual and navigation experience to follow the characters and explore the places in which they move.

The history of Collodi is re-read, on the one hand by recovering some of the meanings deriving from the peasant context in which it was born (the value of food, education-school, the conflictual relationship with the law-carabinieri) on the other hand these meanings are decontextualized , inserting Pinocchio and the other characters in a contemporary reality between city, nature and landscape. The off-screen voices, which identify the various characters, speak in a fragmented and fragmented language, a mixture of Neapolitan, Tuscan, English, a sign of a multiculturalism that hangs in the balance with Babel.

There are characters who have now become symbolic for the universal imagination: the talking cricket, the fairy, fire eater, the cat and the fox, wick and many others, each one carrying its own moral or anti-moral.

Like any good contemporary Pinocchio, also the protagonist will go through many misadventures, until he gets out of it, finally returning as a child.

Pinocchio on the road is a virtual interactive project that can be rethought and reconstructed for any city and museum, artistic or landscape location indoors or outdoors.


Concept, direction and choreography Flavia Bucciero

Original music Antonio Ferdinando di Stefano

Final rap and singing Davide Sereni

Vocal contributions Chiara Pastorino


Dancers performers

Leila Ghiabbi Pinocchio

Elisa Paini Fairy, Carabiniere, Puppet

Laura Feresin, Pauline Manfredi Gatto, Puppets

Fausto Paparozzi Fox, Carabiniere, Puppet, Tamer


Shooting at the Teatro Nuovo in Pisa Simone Tognarelli

Virtual video images Valerio Ciminelli

Lights Riccardo Tonelli


Photo poster Antonella Limotta


Shooting and editing in 3D Andrea Lippi


Production Con.Cor.D.A./Movimentoinactor Teatrodanza

VIDEO 360°
Dance, Kids

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