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Il bambino di Itaca

Op.64 Solocanto

The story of Odysseus begins well before the Trojan War, before his long and adventurous wanderings and the longed-for return to his homeland; it begins with an intelligent and curious child, who from the coasts of his native island scans the sea, loves to sail and is still unaware of the fate that awaits him. The cast of the opera is made up of professionals and children and teenagers between 8 and 18 years old. OperaLab aims to bring new generations closer to contemporary work.

By Matteo Manzitti, Daniela Morelli


Conductor Matteo Manzitti


Choir Master Pilar Bravo


Stagin Federica Santambrogio


Scenes Maria Spazzi


Children Choir and Orchestra OperaLab


With Emmanuel Ducroz, Michela Costa


Production Op. 64 Solocanto

Kids, Opera

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