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Eros e Agape

Annarumma Dance Project

Love, love madly, love as much as you can, and if they tell you it is sin, love your sin and you will be innocent. Whoever falls into sin is a man; whoever grieves is a saint; who brags about it is a devil.


In the 700 years since the death of the father of the Italian language, Dante Alighieri, Francesco Annarumma presents as choreographer and principal dancer, the na reworking of the famous story of the forbidden love of Dante's hell: Paolo and Francesca.
The eternal struggle between spirit and body, love and passion narrated in an innovative and avant-garde European body language.

Music Ezio Bosso

Coreography Francesco Annarumma

Maitre de ballet Massimo De Santis

Dancers Mariaelena Del Prete, Tommaso Palladino, Mirko Melandri, Luigi D'Aiello, Raffaele Iorio, Maria Avolio, Ilenia Festa, Vanessa Migliaccio, Antonio Gabriele Topo, Marika Chiacchio

202190 min
Dance Streaming Season

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