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Alice in Wonderland

Choreography Gianluca Schiavoni

Estonian National Ballet

Dreaming is the only freedom that no one can hinder!

Two girls at sunset happily walk the streets of a mysterious and fascinating city, suddenly Alice stops in front of an ancient and crumbling door. Curious about her she invites her friend to follow her and together they cross the abandoned threshold. Inside they understand that that place is what remains of a wonderful theater and excited, walking among the dusty armchairs, they go to discover what remains of this mysterious world. Arrived on the stage between old disused scenes and worn out tools, Alice discovers an old script, the title strikes her: “Alice in Wonderland”.
As she turns the pages, strange noises seem to come from the back of the scene.
Alice careless at first, she continues reading but suddenly in the soft light she seems to perceive a shadow running on the back of the scene, frightened she tries to understand what it is, starts to run, but carelessly stumbles and falls from a balustrade. The flight seems very long. Upon awakening her a world to be discovered and full of adventures awaits her, a world full of colors where she will meet absurd and funny characters, those that the author told us in her visionary and fantastic work of her.
At the end of this incredible journey, our Alice finds herself sitting on an old throne in the abandoned theater with the consummated script still in her hands, leaving the scene in disbelief she wonders if really everything that happened to her was only the result of her imagination...

Music P. Tchaikovsky, A. Khachaturian, A.Nanetti

Coreography Gianluca Schiavoni

Conductor Kaspar Mand

Coreography assistant Michele Vegis

Scenes  Andrea Tocchio

Costumes Simona Morresi, Annamaria Ruocco

Videoprojection Sergio Metalli, Ideogamma

Light design Valerio Tiberi

202190 min
Dance Streaming Season

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